1. The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. - Lao Tzu (at Union Square Greenmarket)

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    SHONDA RHIMES ‘A screenwriter’s advice’

    Amazing, AMAZING advice from my favorite screenwriter! I think we all get caught in this trap of dreaming and wishing instead of actually doing, and it’s important to always keep on foot on the ground when dreaming.

    :,(((( *gets off ass*

    i really needed this 

  3. and it’s not even my birthday. #1999

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    This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE

    ive been at that watch tv step for a while

    This so hard

    It’s difficult, but it’s possible to balance all. It’s possible

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    Productive sunday :) Quite busy cause preliminary examination next week :O 3 quizzes for this week :) Wish me luck!

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  7. An Early Birthday Gift



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    1. Not having goals. You can’t reach your goals if you don’t know what they are.
    2. Choosing goals that don’t inspire you. You won’t be able to keep on going if the prize at the end doesn’t really matter to you.
    3. Expecting immediate results. Anything worthwhile is a battle and a struggle. It…

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